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Desa School of Karate's all day summer camps are back again and better than ever! Camps run from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday every weekday (even on holidays).  Children who book 2 or more weeks will receive $20 off each week. Use Promo code "SUMMER2023" at checkout if you are registering your child for multiple camps.   

Parents are responsible for packing lunches and snacks for children. We are a very active camp and recommend that all children pack at least 1-2 snacks and a lunch, water bottles, outerwear, sun screen, and bug spray.


Here's just a glance of what you can expect every week with our summer camps:

  • Every day will include at least 45 minutes of karate

  • With designated lunchtime and 2 snack times, your kids will maintain a healthy balance to keep them going. 

  • Weather permitting, we try to play outside in the park and fields (ie. soccer, frisbee etc.) every day. 

  • Guest instructors and helpers to keep everyone engaged. 

  • Bully Self Defense class.

  • Fun crafts and games that relate to the theme of each week.

  • From a movie afternoon with popcorn to a chance to play in our top of the line gaming room, there's never a dull moment. 

These are just a few things that every week of our summer program include. Whether you're looking for something to keep your children active, develop important life skills and traits, or simply have fun, we are here to help. 


**When checking out you can pay by credit card online or you can select offline method to pay by cash or cheque at the dojo or by E-transfer to Note that regular dojo payments should go to and not the camp email. Thank you.

**Camps are 100% refundable up to the start date. If you need to cancel a camp part way through a week for any reason then a pro-rated credit will be issued. 

WEEK 1 (July 1-5): Lego camp

Who doesn't love lego!

Children get the chance to experience the fantastic world of Lego! From Lego themed games and crafts to building your own creations, or working as a team, this camp will make any child a master builder!


WEEK 3 (JULY 15 - 19): Pokémon Camp

Train Like A Master!

Becoming a Master is a long journey but a fun one! Children will all receive a full starter deck so that they can start learning the rules to the official Pokemon Trading Card Game or just make up their own rules and have some fun. We will have games and crafts to keep all Pokémon enthusiasts training hard.

WEEK 2 (JULY 8 - 12): Gaming Camp

Train hard, GAME hard!

Children will get to experience their favorite games with their friends in our upgraded gaming room! With new additions from last year there's something for everyone. Please note that children will get 1.5 hours in the gaming room each day with the rest of the day being physically active and doing crafts.


WEEK 4 (JULY 22 - July 26): Mashup Camp

Experience it all!

Having a hard time picking just one theme or wish you could do one of our themes twice? This week gives you the best of some of our most popular camps with each day being a new theme. This week will be split between Pokémon, Gaming, Lego, Science camp and more so that you can have a taste of everything. 

WEEK 5 (July 29 - August 2): Olympic Camp


Let the games begin!

From track and field to mini competitions for prizes and trophies this camp will be packed with both indoor and outdoor activities to embrace the spirit of the Olympic games. 


WEEK 6 (AUGUST 5 - 9): SPARQ Camp

Take your training to the next level

Current students looking to take their training to the next level this camp is for you! With senior students aged 12 and up split from younger students, everyone will get specialized training to help them in Kata, Kumite, and their other traditional material... With some games and downtime as well to keep everyone engaged and having fun!

WEEK 7 (AUGUST 12 - 16): Gaming Camp

Train hard, Game hard!

One of our most popular camps this year is running twice! Whether you want to play games on the big screen again or couldn't make the first camp, this camp is always a blast!


WEEK 8 (AUGUST 19 -23): Science Camp

Have fun learning!

From science experiments to crafts and games, this is isn't your average science camp! With a mix of fitness and learning there is something for everyone in this week and kids will be wanting more!

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