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Desa School of Karate now offers more ways to have fun. In addition to our popular karate parties, with our brand new gaming room you can now plan the ultimate party in St. Albert. With several different packages to choose from, we have something for everyone.


Still wish you could customize it more? Not a problem! We have a huge space, and we are constantly updating our gaming room with new features so let us know what's missing and we'll plan you an unforgettable experience. You'll notice our gaming party does not include a game list... we don't have one. It's your party so you tell us what games you want and we'll have it ready when you get here. If you want to have a private movie night with popcorn on the big screen, not a problem for us! If you want to play dodge ball or have a parents night out, we got you. To customize your party beyond our standard packages just call/text (780) 405-8098 or email


Karate class

We offer a 45-60 minute karate class taught by one of our top black belt instructors.

Game Time

Gaming room

Our brand new gaming room is ready for any game or party. You tell us the game, we take care of the rest


We'll clean up

You shouldn't have to clean at a party, what kind of hosts would we be if we let you do that? We got this.


Get creative

Limitations are no fun and the sky is the limit! You think it, we make it happen.

Hardware & features

Our Party Packages

Our gaming room currently has:

  • four 65" TVs

  • 120" projector screen 

  • PS5s

  • Xbox Series Xs

  • Nintendo switches

  • VR headset

  • WiiU

  • N64

  • Xbox one S

  • PS4

  • PS3

  • Just about any game you want

  • Option for 200" plus projector

  • More coming every month!

Our facility:

  • 6,000 sq ft matted area for karate, dodgeball, games, and more

  • Second 2,500 sq ft matted area for Karate, dodgeball, games and more

  • 500 sq ft gaming room with chairs and tables

  • Sitting area with tables and benches for you to enjoy your food and open presents 

  • Indoors so weather and space are never an issue.

  • Washrooms and change rooms 

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